Being self employed has its own set of challenges. We are in control of our own time but that can be good or bad. Malcolm helped me identify healthy routines and patterns to establish good habits to start my day and set my priorities. Having someone to help keep me accountable and re-set when things didn't work was invaluable.
Smiling middle aged man with a beard.
Paul, Manchester
Cost management consultant
Malcolm is a wise and humble listener who puts you at ease. The knowledge that you are talking with someone who reads widely and thinks deeply gives you confidence that you are in safe hands when sharing what is on your heart. When something is bothering me and I need someone to thrash it out with, I know that talking with Malcolm will bring clarity and understanding. Malcolm helped me explore, visualise and articulate what changes I wanted to see, what it would look like when it was achieved and what needed to be done to help it happen.
Rob, London
Programme Director at a National Charity
I would strongly recommend Malcolm as a coach. He is patient, listens well and approaches each person as an individual. I wanted to grow into being a better listener and Malcolm was a godsend for this. He was able to help me see my own ability to grow in listening and pointed me towards appropriate tools - tools I still see as helpful in my life today. You will be glad you chose him as a coach!
Dr B Dannatt, Amesbury
I approached Malcolm about a problem I couldn't seem to make any sense of. I was finding it difficult to pray and didn't know why. Through asking the right questions with sheer gentleness and no judgement, he helped me realise that 'not praying' wasn't the issue. Rather my mind was crowded and cluttered with stuff that I had no handle on and which kept me in a sad place. As a result, I couldn't acknowledge that I was actually praying. Malcolm was very engaging, unpatronising, empathic and lovingly gentle even with the difficult questions. He went on to give me tips on how to unravel my confusion and tools on discerning my thoughts coherently. Needless to say, I got some homework too! I am a coach myself and it goes to show that we don't always have the answers and we need an ear, shoulders or just some time. Thanks Malcolm, I'll be back!!!
Okoro, Manchester
Master NLP Practitioner
Malcolm's coaching has been so useful to me. He helped me think through how I approach my weaknesses, and how to develop my strengths. His coaching gave me fresh understanding about both the weaknesses and strengths.
Maxine, Lincolm
Malcolm is a great coach who sat with me, gave me the needed space and allowed me to ruminate with my thoughts. His sharp listening skills paired with gentle nudging helped me to constantly review my goals and challenge my perspective. I have witnessed my own growth and I thank Malcolm for facilitating that process for me. So yes, if you need a coach who is ready to listen to you and yet give you the gentle push (which is needed, trust me), Malcolm is the man to go to.
Andrew, Singapore
Counsellor in a Social Service Agency

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